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Benjamin Thompson - Based in Orlando, FL

Project Director

Benjamin grew up in Denver, Colorado engaged in hobbies at the intersection of video production and computing at an early age long before that was commonplace. Before college, Benjamin edited video in the fast-paced world of local news. In 1999 he moved to Orlando and worked in a variety of shows and presentations for guests at Walt Disney World Resort.

After graduation Benjamin was hired by the Marketing Department at Walt Disney World Resort. Where he worked across disciplines to execute a variety of tactics for six years including Public Relations and publicity, event coordination, and leading projects as varied as photography, video (of course), web development, news releases and even partnering with NASA on an educational video game.

In 2010, Benjamin struck out on his own with Wonderstruk Media where customization is key. Clients know what they need, but might be unsure how to best get there. With decades of combined experience, Benjamin and team can help you understand the solutions and advise based on budget and time. The reward for Benjamin is bringing a client’s needs into reality through creativity and maybe just a little magic.

Kelly Landrith - Based in Denver, CO

Project Manager

Kelly grew up in Nevada with a love for classic animation and characters. She originally dreamed of being a visual artist and is thrilled that her work now often involves working with globally known characters and properties – and protecting the vision for those well-loved creations.

Kelly loves getting into the details of a job and making sure plans are accurately executed, even when that involves learning a new skill. For example, Kelly now knows where to get a twenty-foot statue fabricated on short notice.

Ian Serff - Based in Denver, CO

Art Director

Ian is a first-generation American whose parents moved to the US from England. At age ten, he was already part of the family’s design business, handling negatives in the darkroom. Now a creative designer and photographer, Ian is always thinking visually to help establish brands more strategically to create a deeper emotional connection to the viewer.

Whether the project is a vehicle wrap, a website, or a party – Ian’s passion is accurately capturing an idea in the client’s imagination and then deciding the right methods and medium to get that idea out to the world.

Lee Pettijohn - Based in Hermann, MO

Lead Developer / Content Manager

Lee grew up a U.S. Air Force kid, living in Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War. He holds degrees in Business and Management Marketing as well as Science and Mathematics, but first found success as a self-taught draftsman, laying out duplexes and single family homes. Lee then switched gears from drawing to coding, diving into web development. He loves the challenge of taking a beautiful design and making it work – and then making it work better and faster.

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