Event Communication

Transform Your Guest Experience
"You're Invited" to "Thank You"

Your guest will experience seamless communication when we integrate consistent, branded messages from the first invite to the last thank you. Our team has an extensive background in planning and executing communication for a broad range of events including theme parks, cruise lines, convention centers and more.

Branded Electronic Invitations

The Sky's the Limit ...
Get the Customization Your Company Deserves

Yes, there are plenty of free do-it-yourself options out there for email invites. Of course, you’re also giving your guests’ email addresses to strangers for an invite that often gets lost in spam filters. When it does get to your invitees, has that “I cheaped this” aura about it.

Send custom invitations that stand out, define your brand and include tracking to ensure you are sending the right message to your different guest types. Your guests are excited about your event but very busy. Use our targeting strategies to ensure each guest receives the information they want and need. Your guest contact information remains secure and we never share or sell any of their information.

Discover each guest's
wants and needs

Your Invitees Appreciate Customization Too

Some events are simple, but if you’ve ever planned a corporate event, you’re probably familiar with stakeholders crawling out of the woodwork. With Wonderstruk you can seamlessly create many guest groups that align with attendees registration needs.

Wonderstruk designs custom event registrations, tailoring the questions for each category of guest. You can know weeks ahead how many hotel rooms to book, the number of power drops you need in the main hall, and how that one blogger would really appreciate the gluten-free cookies.

Share that custom
info out to your team

A Need to Know Basis

The registrations are complete, the questions have been answered and you have enough information to plan an event to remember. But, how do you share the information with your colleagues who book flights, hotel rooms, food and beverage, wifi and transportation. Wonderstruk can manage and share that information, giving each part of the team only what they need. We can also set up automated request and approval systems for internal resources like rooms, vehicles, equipment and more.

Streamline your check-in

Many times your check-in process will need to fully integrated with your event. From a mobile device to a kiosk with multiple entry points, the options will be tailored to your event and the needs of your guest. We personalize the experience for your company, event and guests.

Guide your guests
and theme your event

Custom Printed Materials That Match Your Brand

The event is on! Keep your guests on track with custom credentials including distinctions that let your staff know with whom they’re talking. Wonderstruk designs programs, signs, banners and graphics that align with your event branding. From typography to a larger than life poster, we have you covered.

Mobile website and
push notifications

Maintain Contact with Guests
Throughout Your Event

No matter how much you plan, you will need to communicate a last-minute change. A seminar switches speakers, a cloudburst moves your al fresco happy hour into Ballroom C. Wonderstruk will share the latest details with everyone from an automated text message blast to a custom website for their phones and tablets your guests will be “in the know” at a moment’s notice. Custom websites are cheaper than building a custom app.


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