Wonderstruk develops websites on the popular open-source WordPress platform.
We love WordPress because it empowers flexibility by customizing
pre-existing tools. We think you’ll love it too.

Custom Theme Development

Wonderstruk specializes in customization. If you your vision includes a website that stands out, we can help you realize it. Customization could be anything like displaying information in special ways, showing certain information to certain prospects or customizing your message to certain geographical area. If this is your first website or a long awaited redesign we can make your site truly yours, down to the pixel!

Custom Plugin Development and Configuration

In our experience, everyone requires different functionality on their website. There are thousands of tools out there for achieving the functionality, but rarely do these tools fit perfectly for our needs. That is where custom plugin development and configuration comes in. The possibilities are near limitless. At Wonderstruk we analyze your needs and find the right plugin. If it doesn’t exist, we will program it for you!

Analytics and A/B Testing

How will we know that our website design or re-design is successful? By installing analytical tools to guide your future decisions about the website. We could even make two or more versions of your site so you can decide which one is the most successful.


If you deal with sales or any other kind of customer data you want to make sure now more than ever that the data is secure. We can deliver secure tools to you or audit your current processes to make sure you and your customer data is safe.

Performance Optimization

We can analyze your site for performance issues and implement updates and fixes so everything runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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