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Wonderstruk Media

Wonderstruk Media is based in Orlando, Florida - a full-service brand marketer and consultant, working in the worlds of theme parks, cruise lines, tourism, conventions, and start-ups. Wonderstruk has the experience to handle projects, both large and small, customized to your media, communications, advertising, and branding needs.

Just What You Need - Quickly and On Budget

Wonderstruk is full-service, custom to your wants and needs. Give us your message and goals and our national team of professionals can create a personalized plan within your budget and timetable. That could include websites and email marketing, social media, content marketing, special events (Who doesn’t love a party!), signage and print.

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    Website Design and Development

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    Brand Strategy

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    Corporate Identity

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Entertainment industry expertise
applied to your project

Wonderstruk founder Benjamin Thompson designed the firm’s multidisciplinary, multichannel approach specifically for clients in entertainment, media and event production. Serving as the primary project director and marketing consultant for all Wonderstruk projects, Benjamin develops the strategy behind every campaign and manages the other elements for a cohesive approach.

Benjamin is a Disney veteran with diverse experience working on programs for the theme parks, production elements and media producers. Both internally and as an outside consultant, Benjamin has managed Disney projects for special events, public relations, social media, media production, brand representation, digital marketing, corporate blogging, corporate partnerships, sweepstakes and promotions, and entertainment. Benjamin also has a background in video production and broadcasting, enabling him to strategize media plans at every level.

Multi-disciplinary expertise for multi-channel success

In today’s multidimensional marketing environment, it takes a multidisciplinary approach to engage your audience and achieve results. Wonderstruk has assembled an elite team of professionals with expertise in the fields necessary to execute your campaign. We function with strong partnerships that boost collaboration, spur creativity and encourage efficiency. Our efficient workflow processes also reduce costs for our clients while producing work at the highest possible level.

  • Benjamin Thompson
    Creative Strategist

    Benjamin develops the strategical approach of your project focusing on your goals regardless of what technology will accomplish it.

  • Kelly Landrith
    Project Manager

    Kelly oversees projects to ensure outstanding customer service, strict adherence to standards and deadlines and agility in the face of change.

  • Ian Serff
    Art Director

    Ian has worked in the design industry for more than 20 years, and focuses his energy on creative design solutions for clients, including print, web, interactive, media, and strategic branding implementation.

Professionalism, innovation, responsiveness.

What we do
Design customized marketing campaigns that are specific to your needs and your budget.

  • Consultation

    Call on industry expertise to craft a specific plan for your company.

  • Customization

    Build a platform using appropriate methods and technology.

  • Collaboration

    Assemble a team of experts to implement different segments of the campaign.

  • Conversion

    Follow your prospects from awareness to engagement to conversion into paying customer.

Begin your customized marketing experience today!

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